Thoughts on Mumbai

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I’d meant to get this out sooner, but I’ve spent much of the last week nursing a sick kid.  Rotavirus.  Wash your hands.  Enough said.

Breda and Roberta X have some good thoughts on the event.  Instapundit asks the question that I’ve been thinking about.  Would armed citizens have made a difference?

I’ve spent some time in India.  Gun rights don’t exist there the way they do here.  Private gun ownership is essentially prohibited.  News reports right now are saying that there were 10 attackers.  Chances are, even a small number of armed citizens would have made a difference.  It will be interesting to see the reaction over there.  Interest in firearms has been rising in the wake of the Indian successes in the Olympics this summer.  Perhaps the time is ripe for Indians to begin to reclaim their gun rights.

A final thought.  My parents were visiting us for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Sadly, we spent most of it in the hospital with my daughter (see the aforementioned rotavirus.)  While walking into the hospital, we saw a “No guns allowed” sign, and my father (who knows about my interest in firearms and gun rights but is not really a gunnie) asked me if I was armed.  I told him that I carry whenever I can.  He asked me: “Why, because of terrorism?” and I replied “Because you never know.  And my kid deserves to grow up with her dad.”  I think that was the first time he got it.

As an aside, I will mention that in North Carolina, “No guns allowed” signs are legally binding, even for concealed carry permit holders.  This means that you can be charged not just with trespassing but with a more serious crime if you are caught.  It is a terrible thing to force someone to choose between being legal and being safe.

The four rules

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Roberta X reminds us all of the four rules.  Including the why’s…and a few examples of what happens when we forget them.

Just got back from the gun show

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I spent the morning at the Charlotte gun show.  I always like to walk around and hear the buzz.  I did get to join Grass Roots North Carolina.

There were almost no ARs to be found.  The ones that were there were so overpriced as to be laughable.  $1400 for a basic Bushmaster carbine?  Hey, its only $200 over MSRP…why not?AR mags were in pretty good supply, and not too overpriced.  Likewise, the AK mags were available.  One vendor wanted $30 apiece for Romanian 30 rounders.  Good luck with that, buddy.  There were quite a few SKS models around…the going price seemed to be about $450, which could have been why there were quite a few around.  There was the usual assortment of jerky and stun guns.

I also like watching the negotiations.  My favorite are the dealers with the semi-uncommon guns (anniversary  models, for example) that they treat like they are made from gold.  Signs that say “serious offers only” are a good indication that you are dealing with that.  At the other end are the folks trying to sell their “custom guns” at outrageous prices.  This time it was a gentleman with a bubbaized M1A with a wood stock, a “pistol grip” that looked to be simply screwed into the wood stock, some kind of aftermarket muzzle break, and a “tactical” sling.  I’m not sure what he was asking for it, but it might have been worth it just to put the poor thing out of its misery.

I also looked at a little Bersa .380 in a nice satin nickel finish.  For some reason, I’ve always liked that little pistol.  I finally decided against it…Christmas is coming and there are other things I can spend money on.

Nobody gets thrown off of the bus

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Sebastian takes to task a collaborator who doesn’t see the point of black rifles. Sebastian makes a great point:

When these people come for your sport, if they already have my AR-15, I’m out of the fight.  I do not hunt — I’m a competitive target shooter, and I carry a pistol for self-defense.  My interest in preserving hunting is in preserving an important part of the shooting sports.  If you, and those who think like you, cause me losing my sport, what interest do I have to fight for yours?  When you understand that you are under just as much threat as we are, you’ll give your arrogance and understand we’re on this boat together, so you better pick up a bucket and start bailing, or we’re going to sink.

Sebastian is very active in the RKBA movement.  He is, in my opinion, helping to lead the “new media” fight, and showing others (including yours truly) how it is done.  He’s right.  We are all in this together.  No one gets thrown off the bus.

Final tally

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I’m back from my conference.  It was a great few days.  Final tally:

2 new NRA members

1 renewal.  A colleague that I have talked guns with a few times.  I said “I need you to do me a favor.  I need you to join the NRA.”  He said, “I did, a few years ago.  But they sent me too much mail.”  Me: “You can ask them to stop that.  And you need to renew.”   Sparked a good conversation about the fight to come.  He is a smart guy, and fired up.

1 on the fence

2 newbies asking me to take them shooting

All in all, a successful trip.

Oh, yeah, and I got some work done, too.

Geeks with guns

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Tech conference final tally:

1 new NRA member

1 on the fence (I’m working on him)

1 newbie ask me to take him shooting.

I was amazed at how many people were openly talking about buying firearms, between the new adminstration and the economic situation…and this was a room full of computer geeks.  I told them “get ‘em while you can…and make sure you get some training.”

At a tech conference

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I’m heading down to the opening reception.  I’ve got at least two colleages I’ve talked guns with in the past.  I’m going to make them join the NRA.

Wish me luck.

A worm by any other name

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Lots of great dialog over at Sebastian’s place on the use of the term “Fudd.”

For the newbies out there,  “Fudd” is a pejorative term for a hunter who believes that the second amendment only applies to hunting guns.  The Jim Zumbo affair perhaps most clearly defines the issue.

I understand the sentiment about not alienating hunters.  I can understand how people can misunderstand the use of the word.  And I don’t want to miss an opportunity to educate people who support gun rights.  So, from now on, I’ll call hunters who don’t oppose gun bans exactly what they are: collaborators.

Collaborators are the worst enemies of gunnies.  There is a reason that the gun ban group “American Hunters and Shooters Association” poses as a false flag hunter’s organization.  When self-professed “hunters” agree that banning some guns is OK, it becomes the “reasonable” position due to the “truth-in-the middle” fallacy.  (If I say something is white, and you say it is black, the truth must be somewhere in the middle).  Collaborators give moral cover to an immoral act, and lend the mantle of “reasonableness” to those whose ultimate aim is ban everything.  And worst of all, they do it because they think that by betraying their fellow gun owners they can save their own skins.

I agree that we should reach out to hunters, educate them, and bring them into the fold of those of us fighting for gun rights.  But the moment that they are willing to throw another gun owner under the they .50 cal shooters, other hunters, guns-that-look-like-assault-weapons owners, or anyone else…they are the enemy and should be treated as such.


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I got to listen to the first hour of the Guntalk podcast.  Tom talked about the idea of the 1+2=3 plan for increasing NRA’s membership numbers.  The idea is simple.  If every NRA member recruits 2 more members, we will have tripled the membership.  So far, I have recruited my two new members.  (Thanks, Larry and Will!)

But I’ve decided to up the ante a bit.  I took advantage of the discount, and signed up three family members as well.  Merry Christmas, folks.  You are part of the cause of freedom!

Let’s review

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Via Tam, I got to read a real humdinger of a letter to the editor from the Indy Star:

Thousands of weapons are for sale. Glock 23 fully automatic pistols, Uzi nine millimeters, Colt 44 magnum Anacondas. Some cost less than $100.

Where to begin?  The Glock 23 is a semi-auto pistol in .40 SW.  Semi-automatic.  One trigger pull, one bang.  And if you can find an Uzi or Colt Anaconda for $100…buy it!  That’s a great price.

The author goes a little further into PSH.

He points to a Springfield XD 9 millimeter semi-automatic pistol. “Not legal in California,” the box reads. “The only things these are used to hunt for is people,” Zelenka says.

What you probably saw was not an XD but an XDm. All pistols sold in California have to be submitted to the state for a drop test. I don’t think the XDm has gone through yet.

Oh, and if you are going people hunting, I’d suggest using a rifle over a pistol…and the XD wouldn’t be a very good choice of pistol. Maybe something with a longer barrel. I also don’t think the pistol season is any longer then the rifle season for people. Stick with a rifle for people.

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1983 requires that licensed gun dealers conduct background checks of purchasers before selling firearms. But there is no such federal or state requirement for private sellers. They are free to sell weapons, including at gun shows, to anyone, including convicted felons and spouse abusers, who plunks down the cash.

Ummm….not really. In fact there are THOUSANDS of federal and state regulations on transferring guns. For example, my home state of North Carolina requires that any handgun transfer be accompanied by “purchase permit” issued by the Sheriff. The Sheriff conducts a background check. And it is illegal to knowingly transfer a firearm to a prohibited person. Convicted felons and spouse abusers are prohibited persons.

And (Governor) Daniels, like Govs. Evan Bayh and Frank O’Bannon before him, doesn’t plan to stop the State Fairgrounds gun shows. “We are not in a position to discriminate among potential users (of the fairgrounds) that comply with applicable laws and the lease requirement,” says Daniels spokeswoman Jane Jankowski.

So…let me make sure I understand. You are suggesting that the state should …wait for it… discriminate…among which organizations can use the fairgrounds and which can’t?  So…what happens when Indiana prohibits, say…a gay rights organization from using the fairgrounds?  Is that a good plan?  Or are you only in favor of banning organizations that you don’t like?

Finally, the funniest quote in the article by far:

Quigley is an attorney…

Wow.  So, did you just not do the research, or do you know that you are lying?  I hope that you do a better job of researching the law for your clients!

Here is how I know that we are winning:  the anti-rights folks just have to lie when they present their positions.

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