Three years ago today

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Three years ago today, my family and I left New York for North Carolina.  We haven’t looked back, but I still miss New York bread.

Today, though, my wife and I had a seminal moment in our career as southerners.  We went to WalMart, and bought wine, ammo, and a gun safe.  My wife turned to me and said “You know that we are officially southern, now, right?  And, yes, you can blog this.”

I love my wife.

Sad realization

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Dod at American Manifesto had a letter published in the Philly Inquirer refuting the old militia argument.  Again.

After a hard day with the kid yesterday, I had a sad realization.  Arguing with the antis is a lot like arguing with a four year old.  The arguments don’t make any sense.  They change on a dime.  They will change facts to suit their argument.  No matter how many times you make your point, they still won’t listen.  And, once you have proven your point, all you will end up with is crying and a temper tantrum.

Too bad we can’t send Helmke to his room for a nap.

Holiday wishes

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Newbie Shooter!  I hope Santa brings everyone what they want.

My little girl is getting her first rifle…a Chipmunk .22 with a pretty purple laminated stock.

Newbie Shooter is hoping for a gun case.  We will see whether Mrs. Shooter got the hint.

Another newbie joins the ranks

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Dod at American Manifesto introduces his wife to the shooting sports.  The right way.  By staying home and getting her some time with an instructor.  Here is the result:


The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Manifesto are two of my best friends in the world is icing on the cake!

Good job, Dod!

Sorry, team

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Sorry for the lackluster blogging, y’all.  I’ve been in serious school/work hurt for the past three weeks or so.  Tomorrow is my last test for the semester….I’ll be back soon.

Let’s all go to the gun show…

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I just tried to get into the Charlotte show at the Metrolina expo.  The line to get in was, conservatively, 200 people deep.  We waited in line for 30 minutes and moved like 20 feet closer to the entrance before finally giving up…we will head back this afternoon.  I’ve never seen that kind of crowd

Putting blame where it belongs

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So, yeah. Turns out I was to blame on trashing my theme.
You would think someone who makes their living working with computers would know that they will do EXACTLY what you tell them to do.

I upgraded to WordPress 2.7

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…and it broke my theme. :(

I really need to get Robb to make me a good one.

Evolution of a Gunnie

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Happy Birthday to me! Another year ticks by for the Newbie Shooter. I got myself a present… has Yugo SKS rifles. Get them while you can.

UPDATED: I think they sold out before I even finished the post.

I’ve been a gunnie for about 10 years now. Over that time, I’ve noticed a distinct change in my buying habits. I stated out with functional guns….a shotgun for home defense, then a Glock. I built myself an AR-15 (post-ban) because a) They were “banned” and b) I am a geek at heart and love tinkering with things. It was years before I appreciated the sheer versatility of the AR platform…what other gun can be transformed from a short barreled CQB type gun to a long range varmint rifle in 30 seconds?

After 9/11, I decided I needed a heavier rifle, and picked up a Springfield Armory M1-A…the GI looking one, not that SOCOM crap. And I decided I needed a 1911, just to round things out. A Kimber Royal joined the family. It’s a beautiful gun, with a nice blue finish and cocobolo grips. Sort of a mishmash of classic and modern. Sadly, 1911’s are like potato chips. One is never enough.

Shortly thereafter, my family and I moved to a free state, and I started looking at real carry guns. I got my first Kahr, which is one of my main carry guns to this day. It was my carry gun in Connecticut, and it’s the gun I qualified for my NC carry permit with. I have small hands, and it fits them like a glove. I bought that gun at Blue Trail Range, which is currently under fire by a greedy land developer.

When we moved to Carolina, I was able to finally get one of those banned “assault wepons” and I added a AR carbine to the mix.  I still haven’t gone back and had the barrell of my first AR threaded.  I’m not sure if it is laziness or nostalgia.  In a way, that gun is part of the story of my evolution as a gunnie, and I’m not sure I want to change it.

Lately, my taste has been away from modern guns, and onto the classics.  I’ve been picking up military surplus guns…Mauser 98Ks, Mosin Nagants, and most recently an Enfield No. 4.  I’ve been doing that for two reasons.  First, they are cheap, and these are uncertain times.  But, more importantly, I’m building up sort of a “Guns of World War II” collection.  My wife is a history teacher, and I thought about what a great learning tool those guns would be.  My Grandfather was in the war, and after he died I got his medals and ribbons and some war souvineers that he brought back.  My wife’s students were always fascinated to see those things, and to be able to touch a part of the past.  I know that there is no way under God’s green earth that she would ever be able to bring firearms to show her students.  But I can show my daughter, and tell her about her Grandfather, and we will share that part of history together.  I don’t have a Garand yet…but I’ve always wanted one.  That will be a special one.

I’m concerned about my collecting habit.  I know where this ends.  It starts buying guns of a particular type.  Then you are looking for particular models.  Then before you know it, you are wandering up and down the aisles at gun shows like a crazed spider money looking that special piece to complete your collection.  Then you start driving to shows that are “only five hours away” looking for something special.

I’ve also noticed that I have stopped thinking about “my guns”, and started thinking about “our guns”.  I’ve thought about the legacy that I’ll leave to my daughter.  I don’t just mean the guns themselves.  I mean an apprecation for the science and technology inherent in manufacturing firearms.  I mean appreciation for the craftsmanship of a fine rifle.  And, most importantly, I mean knowing that she lives in a country where she has the right to protect herself and her family…and that she needs to fight to protect that right.

Fantastic deal on NRA memberships

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Sorry, folks, I thought this was posted, but was stuck in “drafts”.

Bitter has posted the details over at the 2nd Amendment blogbash site.

The quick details:

  • Annual members can upgrade to life for $500.
  • Life members can give a life membership to a family member for $300.
  • You can also upgrade yourself to a Benefactor member for $200.

These are great deals, folks.

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