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…or have gun rights gone mainstream?

I spend most of my time in the blogosphere reading the gun blogs, but I will occasionally browse over to the some of the better known politics blogs as well.  And I see a lot more gunblogs on their blogrolls.  And the Examiner has taken a local column written by David Codrea, made it national, backfilled the local column, and expanded the local to about half a dozen cities, including my own native Charlotte.

It’s standing room only at my local range/gun shop.  They frequently have an hour’s wait to get a lane.

Then, yesterday, on the local radio station, they interviewd Dan Starks about concealed carry, and it was an amazing, upbeat interview talking about how great it was that people, women especially, were learning to protect themselves.  And if click over to Dan’s site, he is running CCW classes every week, sometimes twice a week, and they are full!

As an aside, Dan is an excellent instructor.  He taught the CCW class for both my wife and me.  Great guy, great class.


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  1. David Codrea on Thu, 29th Jan 2009 4:58 pm
  2. Thanks for the mention. We are trying to make it main stream. So far, Examiner is pleased with the results, and the Gun Rights columns routinely draw top site visits in their respective cities and nationwide. Our plan is to continue growing and expanding to where other media outlets will notice and be receptive to trying it themselves, so in this sense, it is exciting to be in on the ground floor.

    Especially since these are not “gun blogs,” but reach a more general audience. Still, the best way to make this happen is through numbers, which is why we ask gun owners who like the columns and agree this is a useful goal to please revisit them regularly, and share the links with their friends, on forums, etc.

    I appreciate your telling your readers.

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