Free NRA membership

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You can get a free NRA membership at this link.


H/T to SayUncle.

Gun Show report

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Pretty heavy traffic at the gunshow.  A few thoughts:

  • No wait to get in.  My little one and I got there about 11:00, and no wait.
  • V wasn’t the only kid there, and wasn’t the only girl, either.  It’s great to see that.
  • Funny aside.  V and I had a chat before about the “no touching” rule.  “Remember, honey, some people don’t want you to touch their stuff.  If you want to touch something, we have to ask permission.”  A few minutes into our walk through, V, at the top of her lungs…”Daddy!  That LITTLE BOY IS TOUCHING!!!!,” she shouts, pointing at a youngster of about 9 or so, 4 years her senior.  It was a nice improvement.  Usually she is yelling at patrons for 4 rules violations.
  • AR mania seems to be dying down a bit.  There were parts a plenty, uppers, and complete rifles.  I was able to get two DPMS lower part kits to finish off my receivers.
  • I also picked up a Magpul CTR buttstock for my carbine.  Wow.  What a piece of gear!  Not a hint of a rattle on my AR now.
  • Plenty of ammo around.  Prices were reasonable, except for the optimistic gentleman selling .380 ball for $25 a box.  “Only .380 at the show,” he said proudly.  At that price, it will be there a while.

All in all, an enjoyable afternoon!

Lets all go to the gun show…

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I’m off to the Merchandise Mart to visit the gun show here in Charlotte.  I’ll be the geeky looking guy with the Mickey Mouse hat.