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My brother hates tequila. An excerpt:

Tequila is, obviously, one of the more vile substances on the planet. At its worst it tastes like motor oil, and at its best it tastes like classy motor oil. Oh, if you pour orange juice and grenadine into it, it looks pretty for a few seconds, but then you stir it. And I have to ask: what substance in the universe is not sweetened by grenadine?

I hear some of you saying “but it’s vile, that’s precisely the point.” But it’s not even the most vile! I’d encourage you to drink pisco, which is sort of like Peruvian rum, but the taste is something I can only compare to the time I made a drink entirely out of Canadian Mist (the Plastic-Bottled Whiskey!) and room-temperature Jägermeister.

Check out the rest of it…totally worth a click.

There you go, bro. Hope your server can handle the traffic.

Looking good!

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My niece Morrigan makes

When I showed my kid, her only comment was “Cool…but mine should be yellow and blue!”