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Another thought about the US budget.  People have referred to the “surplus” that US enjoyed under the Clinton administration.  The US never had a surplus under Clinton.  We may have had (and this is arguable) a positive cash flow under the Clinton administration.  But our balance sheet was always in the red.

What I learned in business school

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This morning’s headline on Drudge Report: “Obama finds $20 Billion in cuts!”

Sounds good…lets run the math:

FY 2010 budget: $3.55 trilllion

FY 2010 deficit: $1.17 trillion.

Savings as a percentage of the budget = 20/3550 = .56%

Savings as a percentage of the deficit = 20/1170 = 1.7%

Um…keep looking, Barry!

Quote of the day

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QOTD is from Breda, on the use of the term “racist”:

This sort of thing has happened frequently enough that the epithet has lost all its sting. I see it now for what it is, a knee-jerk reaction to some perceived slight combined with a lack of better vocabulary.

I’ve often said that when someone calls you a racist, the appropriate response is to laugh.  Anything else just perpetuates the behavior.  And I think the term has sort of become the equivalent of “the N word” or calling someone a fascist or “commie”: semantically null and without meaning.

A few years ago, my wife was teaching in the South Bronx.  She had a parent complain to the principal that “Mrs. Newbie” was not being fair to her son, and perhaps it was racially motivated.  She went to sit down with the principal and the parent.  She ran into the mother of one of her former students, who said “Hello, Miss. Maidenname” (We had gotten married in the meantime and she had changed her name.) They had a bit of a chat, and then the both of them walk into the principals office.  Mother turns to her son, slaps him upside the head and says “Boy, you are in a lot of trouble.  You didn’t tell me it was Miss Maidenname!”  Seems the mom didn’t realize that my wife was the one she was accusing of racism.  Needless to say, it went nowhere.

So the moral of the story…develop more creative insults.  And laugh if you are accused of racism.

Dogs and cats, living together…

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From our WTF? department…

I got a letter from a friend of mine this weekend.  She is a Irish Catholic from Massachusetts, and when we were in college, we would often spar Democrat versus Republican.  She graduated from our school, and for the past 10 years has been a cloistered nun.  The high points of the letter:

  • She has realized that the Kennedy’s are morally bankrupt.
  • She’s glad that Scott Brown has won, after all it is the peoples seat.
  • She wanted to tell me that she was wrong all those years ago.
  • This is proof that miracles happen. :)

When you have lost Irish-Catholic Massachusetts cloistered nuns…bad juju.

Why we fight

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From Straight Forward in a Crooked World, I found a link to  There, I found a three part series on North Korea.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Video like this makes me physically sick.  This is why we fight socialism.

Quote of the day

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I’ve been trying to decide what to say about the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley affair.  I’ve decided to steal a quote from Marko.

I think that the Democrats’ loss of “Kennedy’s seat” to the Republicans has done is to chip away at the sense of inevitability that comes with elections in areas heavily dominated by one party. If Massachusetts can vote a Republican into Teddy’s well-worn Senate chair, then nothing’s a sure thing anymore.

As my mom, who is still trapped behind the lines in New York, said: “If they can get rid of the Kennedy seat, that means we can get rid of Schumer!”

Or as Dod said:

What the American people really said: “Mr. President, welcome to the first day of the rest of your presidency. We look forward to its conclusion.”

Feedback Bleg

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Help me out, gunnies.  I’m going to be flying with my guns for the first time.  I’ve read the TSA regs and know the rules and all of that.  I’m transporting my M&P and a J-Frame.  I’d like to make sure that they don’t get stolen.  I’ve got two competing strategies:

1) Get a small case like this and go incognito.  Nothing screaming “gun” or even “something valuable.”  Can be placed in regular checked luggage.  Downside: easier to conceal if you wanted to walk off with it.

2) Go with a larger locking Pelican case, checked by itself as a standalone “bag”.  Bigger, difficult to hide, better security.  Downside: Advertises “something valuable” if nothing else.

What do you think, Internet?  If you travel with your guns, I’d love to get some feedback.

UPDATE: For some reason, this post has become a spam magnet. I’m locking comments.

Good for you!

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Kaveman explains why he’s a member of the NRA.

I believe that EVERY gun owner should be a member of the NRA, for whatever reason.  The other groups are good too….join them all.  But NRA is the 500 pound gorilla.

Panic room prevents assasination…Idiot survives

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Panic room saved artist Kurt Westergaard from Islamist assassin

He did not have time to collect the child from the living room before locking himself into a “panic room”, a specially fortified bathroom. He said the assailant had shouted “swear words, really crude words” and shrieked about “blood” and “revenge”, as he smashed the axe in vain against the bathroom door.

“I feared for my grandchild,” he told Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that had commissioned the cartoon. “But she did great. I knew that he wouldn’t do anything to her.” He went on: “It was close, really close. But we did it.”

Really, Kurt?  No time to collect your 5 year old granddaugher before locking yourself in the bathroom?  And you knew that the axe wielding maniac wasn’t going to hurt her?  Good for you.

I hate to say this, but I think that the kind of person who would lock themselves safely away while leaving their young granddaughter defenseless is the worst kind of scum.

Necessary reading

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Joe Huffman is one of the best reasoned, most reasonable gunnie voices out there.  This essay is required reading.

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