Living in the Long Tail

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Borepatch has another excellent post,  this time examining how the Long Tail effect of the Internet distribution of information impacts the political class.

This is a hat trick for BP this week.  Highly recommended reading.

The Progressive Promise

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Borepatch hits another one out of the park, this time analyzing the progressive value proposition and the arrogance of the left.

The arrogance of the Obama administration has been breathtaking to behold.  And it has had terrible consequences for the Democrats.  I find the plan to try to ram through healthcare, again, shocking.  Do it again, but harder?

Starbucks Appreciation Day

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Joe Huffman has nominated Sunday, February 21st as Starbucks appreciation day.

If you don’t know why we need to appreciate Starbucks, more info is here.  Thumbnail sketch: The Bradies wrote a letter to Starbucks asking them to prohibit open carry in their stores.  Starbucks told them to pound sand.

The Shorty and I will be enjoying lattes and what she calls “coffee-store cake” (marble poundcake) that day.

Another newbie joins the ranks

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Robb comments on the Seattle attack.

At least one good thing came out of it. I have a buddy who I have been helping getting started in shooting. He just got his CCW, and we are going to Gunsite in March. This morning he sent me an email:

btw: As Linda was watching the news this morning of a people getting attacked on the Metro transit station and security doing nothing and police coming late, she surprised me saying she is now seeing the value of having responsible, trained people armed increasing the safety of everyone around them. wow. next steps, getting Linda to get her CCW. :)

Looks like the right lesson is being learned!

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Borepatch has an interesting analysis of the recent announcement by the Obama administration that Americans can be targeted for assassination if the administration believes that they are about to commit terrorist acts.

I think he is right on the money…by punishing the right for outrageous statements and rewarding the left, the press shifts the efficient frontier of stupid comments  to the left.  Finally, a cogent explanation for Robert Gibbs!

And I have to agree with this:

Like I said, I don’t believe that the Fed.Gov is fixin’ to put my name on a bullet. I do think that the Obama administration is filled with an astonishing number of hacks that are itching to flex the muscles of the Organs of the State. And that they’re too stupid (yes, that’s the right word) to know just what a whirlwind that they’re sowing.

Lets not forget that the folks around Obama have a history of this kind of thing. Can anyone say Bill Ayers?

10 Rules for dealing with the police

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Filed under: Gun Rights is hosting a premier this Friday for “10 Rules for Dealing With the Police”.

If a free society depends upon an informed citizenry exercising oversight of its government, then more people need to know how to handle themselves in a police encounter. Is cooperation always the best course of action? Or are there times to assert the constitutional right to refuse consent to a search of one’s home or belongings? A new documentary film answers those questions and more in an informative and entertaining series of skits narrated by Baltimore trial attorney Billy Murphy (from HBO’s The Wire). Learn how the safeguards of the Bill of Rights operate outside of the courthouse and on the street. Learn how to make smart decisions and respond effectively to police misconduct.

The trailer:

Good info to know.