Microstamping update

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NSSF has some updated info on microstamping in NY.

Microstamping moves forward in NY

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North Carolina is my adopted home, but New York is where I grew up. Thus it is with great sadness that I note that the New York microstamping bill has passed out of committee. The NSSF has launched a media blitz in opposition.

I’ve got some friends in Albany, and the rumors that I am hearing is that a certain big city mayor is pressuring the Senate,  trying to convince them it is a done deal.   Remington and Kimber are both in New York, and both of them would be (pardon the pun) impacted by a bill that effectively bans semi-automatic handguns in New York by mandating an unproven, expensive, single source technology that can be easily defeated, one has to wonder if they would continue to manufacture in the Empire State.  New York is hemorrhaging jobs as it is.  It would be a shame to loose two manufacturing giants, and the associated jobs.  The Democrat side of the aisle recognizes this, and is getting nervous.

Keep the pressure on, New Yorkers.  Call your state senator.  Right now.  If this goes through in NY, they are coming for the rest of us next.

Amazing Guatamalan sinkhole

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A 30 story deep sinkhole has appeared in Guatamala City. The picture of this thing is amazing. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie!