From the mouths of babes

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I was watching the video that Weer’d linked to featuring a young woman demonstrating various holster options.  The sprog sat in rapt attention for 9 minutes then turned to me.  “Dad,” she said, “mostly boys shoot, not girls, right?”

“Ummm…that’s probably true, hon.  But there are lots of great women shooters.  You met Breda, remember?  And your cousin Morrigan shoots.

She looks thoughtful. “Dad, when I grow up, I don’t think I can conceal any of my guns like that.”

I should point out that V’s guns consist of a single shot .22 and an AR-15 with yellow furniture.

“Probably not, kiddo.  But when the time comes, I’m sure we can get you something you can conceal.”


Gotta start them early!

More thoughts on the economy

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Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man posted a semi-tongue-in-cheek idea on how to address our economic woes.

Sadly, it won’t work.  All it would do is raise prices where only those beneficiaries of economic largess would be able to afford anything.  Oh, and any savers would be wiped out.  And anyone holding US debt would be wiped out.  And some of those folks might get pissed.

I’ve been using an analogy to describe the current condition with Social Security and Medicare.  We sitting in a lifeboat.  We have a member of our boat that has been grievously wounded.  They are going to die.  This is very sad, but there is nothing we can do.  As a boat, we have two choices.  We can expend all of our resources to try to save our crew member, have them die, and then starve to death ourselves, or we can let the crewman die and still have resources for our own survival.

This may sound dire, but I believe that the math bears me out.  Social Security and Medicare are not sustainable.  They have become giant cancerous tumors that are starving the host.  If it isn’t cut out, the host will die.  We can do this now, while the host is healthy and the “surgery” has a good chance of success…or we can wait until the tumor is so large, the damage so grave, and the surgery so risky that it has a good chance of killing the patient.

I don’t make this suggestion lightly.  I understand that it means that a number of individuals who were counting on their Social Security will probably end up being unable to retire.  That’s very sad.  But the question that I keep coming back to is this: am I willing to ensure my parent’s standard of living at the expense of my child’s?  Am I willing to shackle my daughter with lifelong debt in order to assure the lifestyle of today’s seniors?

No. I’m not.

It begins

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Lawdog links to a story of insurance companies taking their balls and going home.

I made rather the same point, about what happens when you make companies sell products that they can’t make money on.  They take their balls and go home.

Quote(s) of the day

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Fox and Friends provides our QOTD:

We can absorb another terrorist attack…
B. Obama, on the possibility of another terrorist attack

How can a President of the United States say something like that, like he is a detached observer who doesn’t care about the American people?
John “The ‘Stache” Bolton, on B. Obama on the possibility of another terrorist attack

Um….because he is a detached observer who doesn’t care about the American people?

Questions without answers

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What possibly could have been ailing the man in front of me at Target such that he required 6 100-count bottles of stool softener?

Chicken wings!

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I’ve been looking for an excuse to make chicken wings, and Sailorcurt has a recipe.

The CFO will probably not allow a deep fryer purchase, but that’s why we have cast iron dutch ovens.

More on Costco

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Apparently, Sailorcurt is right…carrying in a Costco can get you killed.

More here.

More fun with Gpal

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From the castboolits forum.  A new member, ihategpal joins the forum.  Talks about how much he hates gpal…then magically *POOF* within 24 hours his money appears and all is forgiven!

Except….his profile says he is from New York, but his IP address is from California.  And seems to be coming from the same location as GPalVP.  My, that’s odd.

Nice try, Ben.  Now, if everything is above board, and everyone is being paid…why do you have to lie?

Poo-flinging monkeys on parade

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Larry Correia has made a friend named Nickwolf, who’s unhinged moonbattery makes for some entertaining reading.

Larry is a funny guy, and his response is hilarious.

More GPal woes

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Curt and Bonnie are still having trouble.  And I’ve also found a forum that has dozens of more stories.  Someone who claims to be a GPal “VP” hops on the forum and gets all butthurt that the members who haven’t been paid are angry at the company.

Now, from Politics, Guns and Beer, it turns out that GPal doesn’t have any state licenses.

I’d be really careful, GPal.  Gunnies are a creative bunch, and we have long memories.

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