Another Newbie joins the ranks

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MomFallacy joins the ranks of the legally armed.  Well done MomFallacy, and well done Breda!

Travellus Interruptus

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Sadly, a combination of fog in Frankfurt and delays in Berlin has cut short my travels for today. I’m stuck in Frankfurt until tomorrow. Which means I had to call the little one and tell her that daddy won’t be home until tomorrow. Which SUCKS!

I think she and I are going to play hookie Monday. I smell a range trip coming up.

Nowhere near Berlin!

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I’m coming up on the end of a VERY long week. It’s evening as I type this here in Berlin, and I am looking forward to going home. Between long work days and staying up to call the shortie, I’ve been averaging 4-6 hours of sleep. I feel like the truck driver from Eurotrip:

Scott: Let me handle this, I speak better German. Hello!
Truck Driver: Hello!
Scott: [in German] My German is ill, but I can understand on you if the speaking is slowly.
Truck Driver: [in German] German! I have been driving for 14 hours straight and I haven’t slept in three days and I am wired on schnapps, benzedrine, and those little chocolate covered peanuts.

Speaking of which….no Eurotrip on iTunes? For shame, Apple!

A new link

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I sent email a few weeks ago to the Second Amendment Foundation looking for a link to add to Ye Olde Sidebar. They just sent me the icon. Click the link and send money!

A slippery dope

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I’ve intentionally stayed away from jumping all over Joan Peterson. But this comment takes the cake:

Hand grenades and RPGs are sold at gun shows all over the country. They could be sold by private sellers who may or may not require background checks.

I just…wow.  At gun shows you say?  And without a background check?

The best part is, she goes on to cite a whole bunch of just nonsensical sources.

Joe, Sean, and Weer’d are right…this has got to be some kind of mental illness.  Either that or it’s official…she’s dumber than a box of hammers.

H/T to Days of Our Trailers

Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network

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If you carry a gun for self-defense, you realize that there may be a time when you have to use your gun in self defense.  Unfortunately, even if you do everything right, you might find yourself on the wrong end of a prosecution.

Marty Hayes, of the Firearms Academy of Seattle, has started an organization to help firearms owners with the legal aspects of armed self defense.  From the Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network:

The Network’s goal is to prevent miscarriages of justice through—

  • Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.
  • An initial $5,000 fee deposit paid to the member’s attorney by the Network if the member has been involved in a self-defense incident. The fee deposit gets the legal defense immediately underway, with representation during questioning, and arranging for an independent investigation of the incident.
  • Network members are also eligible for additional grants of financial assistance from a separate non-profit foundation if they face unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense incident occurring during their period of membership.
  • The Network publishes a monthly journal online with columns and features focused on topics of interest to armed citizens. Click here for links to the latest edition as well as an archive of earlier journals, which are delivered as PDFs.
  • Creating a nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts which the member can draw upon in the event of a self-defense shooting.

Marty, in addition to being a firearms instructor, is a JD (who knew?). He’s authored a whitepaper, “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law”, available here.

Finally, the Network publishes a journal dedicated to the subject of legal self-defense. It can be found here.

I view the network in the same vein that I do AAA. I’m an AAA member, if for no other reason, because when I’m stranded on a strange road in the middle of the night, I’ve got one number to call. I think the network provides a log more benefits than just that single contact point, but if I ever find myself in a ad situation, I’d like to have a vetted pool of legal counsel to choose from.

I’ve added a link to the network in the Handy Dandy Sidebar.

Light blogging alert

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I’ll be light blogging this week.  I’m in Berlin for work.  I’m staying right across the street from the Erotik Museum.  I’ve not been inside, but from the outside it looks just as bizarre as you would expect.

I just realized…

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I forgot the link to the story on my last post. Which makes me look like a rambling idiot.

Is it tyranny yet?

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It is tyranny when the government mandates the water pressure for your toilet?

How about when it mandates low-flow for number one?

How long until it is a crime to use a number two flush for a number one?

Keep your laws off my toilet!

The right to bear arms?

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Weer’d has a good post up on the right to *bear* arms as opposed to keep them.

I’d agree with Weer’d, the momentum is in our favor.  I’d say that permitless carry is a ways off, but that it will build slowly over the next few years as more and more states allow it, much like the concealed carry movement took off in the 90’s.

In my mind the legal framework for what we have so far in Heller and McDonald is the right to keep, not necessarily to bear.  If you look at the lawsuits that the SAF and Alan Gura have filed, they all have to do more carefully define when we can keep our arms.  In particular, can we keep them without a permit, and can we keep them during a state of emergency.  But nothing yet on when we can bear them.

Constitutional permitless carry rests on a few things:

  • That the phrase “keep and bear” means carry.
  • That the right includes carry in public.
  • That a permitting process is an undue burden on the exercise of that right

IANAL, but my belief is that we have good support for the first two in the court as it is constituted now.  I think the last one is going to be tough for the court to swallow.

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