Fun with Kinect

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There have been a few examples on the web of people who have figured out how to hack the new Microsoft Kinect to be able to reconstruct three dimensional images:

Two thoughts:

1) The tech itself is pretty cool. I’m impressed with the quality of the image returned.
2) Now for your paranoid thought of the day. Take a look at the image quality. The camera quality is good enough that your XBox can recognize who you are by your face. You are connected to the Internet. I can correlate the image with the location based on your IP address. How long will it be before law enforcement is trying to tap into those devices to see what they can see? They are already getting cell phone records to track people’s movements. I can correlate a face with a location and get the same information. How long until we have a court ordered video capture looking for people doing naughty things?  I can see this being misused in a hundred different ways.  But, government would never misuse technology to spy on people, would they?

Better late than never

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My travel back from Berlin made sure I got this out late.

The Second Amendment Foundation, who brought you such goodies as the Heller decision and the McDonald decision, are running a membership drive.  They are offering some good discounts off the usual rates, good through midnight tonight.

I just joined as a life member.  SAF is the organization that is pushing the envelope of gun rights right now.  If you can spare some bucks, go help them out!

H/T to Days of our Trailers

Willkommen in Berlin!

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Back in Berlin, far from the family, so I am a little maudlin. I’ve been traveling for 13 hours, including a airport switch in London.

Immigration control agent: “How long will you be staying in the UK?”
Me:”Hopefully, about three hours.”

And I just read the fine print on the Internet service in the hotel I am staying in. Data rate: Up to 128 kb/sec. 128K? What is this, the dark ages?

Another newbie prepares to join the ranks

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Weer’d is taking another newbie shooting. A mom and her 10 year old son.

Much to my surprise she had assumed that I wouldn’t mind taking him to the range to WATCH me shoot. When I told her I’d take him and her to them to the range and watch THEM shoot, she seemed ecstatic.

Good job Weer’d!

A picture is worth a thousand words

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Enough said.

Funny story…true story

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Weer’d has some comments on the TSA’s new policy of…bad touch…

Which, BTW, reminds me of a true story. The shortest Newbie…then 3…went to NY to visit grandma and see the sites. Mom and Grandma decided to take V to the Statue of Liberty. Now, as part of this process, she had to go through a metal detector. So far, so good. But she also had to have her coat X-rayed. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is my kid, V threw a fit. She flat out REFUSED to have her coat X-rayed. And when Mom and Grandma forcbly removed her coat and sent it through the machine, V was inconsolable. She yelled and hollered, and when her coat was returned to her, she screamed “That’s not my coat! How do I know that that is my coat!?!?!”
Right on, Sister Girl.
Epilogue…an Asian woman, who was obviously not a native English speaker, came up to my wife and lamented the horribleness of a small child being subjected to such an intrusive search.
Right on, Sister Girl.


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Jennifer reminds us why the ballot box comes before the ammo box. Have you priced .308 lately?