Outing myself

May 23, 2011 by · 4 Comments
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Normally, I’m pretty circumspect about who I talk gunnie things with.  But today, I met a new colleague for the first time.  My job is very “virtual”.  I work from home most days, when I am not traveling, and I know most of my co-workers from the phone.  I’ve been working with one guy on a project, and we spoke on the phone for the first time today.

“Now, where do you live,” I asked?  (Pretty common question, actually, we are all over.)


“Oh, I was supposed to be in Pittsburgh a few weeks back, but I couldn’t make it.”

“What for?”

Man…do I tell him?

“Um….the NRA convention, actually.”

“Oh, neat!  A buddy of mine worked a booth there.  We should hang out.  I shoot an XD-M.  Nice gun.”

Gunnies…we’re everywhere.