Sen. Klein off to gun school

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The blogosphere is abuzz about the story of Arizona State Senator Lori Klein, who is under fire for allegedly pointing her LCP at a reporter.

When I read the story, I shot an email to Jane Anne Shimizu, the PR director at Gunsite suggesting that they might want to offer the Senator a spot in one of their 250 classes.  Jane Anne replied that they did just that, and that the Senator has accepted the offer.

Good job, Gunsite, and good job, Senator.

Edited to add:

Much has been made of what Sen. Klein did or didn’t do; whether she swept the reporter or whether he did it to himself.  No matter what, the bottom line is that even a few yars ago I can’t imagine that an elected politician would be talking about the fact that they carry a gun for self defense.  Self defense is mainstream.  Good for Sen. Klein for taking the next step down that road.


Sounds like a plan!

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I’ve been trying to stay apolitical here at Newbie Shooter, but this one takes my breath away:

President Barack Obama declared on Monday there would be no deal on raising the government’s debt limit if Republicans won’t compromise, and he said he would not sign a short-term extension — raising the stakes on volatile negotiations with the clock ticking toward an Aug. 2 deadline.

So the Republicans, who want to cut spending, had better compromise and raise taxes, or else…er, I’m not sure what. He won’t agree to raise the amount of debt that the government can take on? Thus necessitating a cut in spending?
I’m not sure he has thought this one through…

Edited to add:

From the same press conference:

I would rather be talking about stuff that everybody welcomes like new programs

Maybe that’s part of the problem, buddy.

The fight isn’t over

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Weer’d Beard has a great post up riffing off a post of Sean’s dealing with the problem of what to do with the problem of muggers.  Specifically, what to do with the Hobson’s choice of “Your money or your life”?

The crux of the problem, of course, is that there is no guarantee that the guy threatening your life will abide by his half of the bargain.  The deal can very quickly turn into “Your money AND your life,” and as Sean’s post points out, this happens more often than you might like to think.

The key to surviving this kind of encounter is to remember that you are in a lethal force encounter.  The face that the person threatening your life says that they will stop if you give them your property is irrelevant.  You need to respond the way you would in any lethal force encounter.  That might mean cooperating.  But rememeber, if you choose to cooperate; the fight isn’t over.  It’s not over until you are safe.  The approach might be to throw your wallet and run.  Or is may be to throw your wallet, then draw your gun when they are picking it up.

Remember, the fight ain’t over until it’s over.  I had this beaten into me at Gunsite. When I took 350, we had a force on force scenario.  In mine, a man burst out of a room, stabbing someone and shouting.  I pulled my gun, shouted at him to drop the knife, then shot two rounds center mass.  (I know, mistake one…shoot until they are down.)  Stabber starts shouting “Ow! You shot me…why did you shoot me?”  I keep repeating “Get away from that knife!” and I came out a bit from behind my cover (mistake two), and of course I caught two rounds, one in the thigh and one just under my arm when the stabber pulled his gun.

In retrospect, I could have made a bunch of choices differently (which is the point of the training, I suppose). I could have walked away, I could have put more rounds into the bad guy initially or I guess  I could have shot him again when he ignored my commands to stay away from the knife.  The reason that I didn’t shoot him on the ground, however, was because I kept thinking “I can’t shoot him…he’s on the ground….how would it look if I shot him again.”  And that got me shot, becasue I thought the fight was over.

My instructor, Charlie McNeese, debriefed us after the drill.   His feedback to the class was “most of you didn’t have a plan, and when you have to make it up as you go along you are going to make mistakes.”

Remember, fight, cooperate, or run away…the fight ain’t over until it’s over.


WND does the right thing

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From Sean:


UPDATE: After emailed conversation with WND Editor Joseph Farah, they have pulled the shirt from their e-store! He has given me his personal assurance that a full investigation will commence as soon as everyone gets back to the office on Monday!

Great sign

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A great sign, found here:

Hat tip to Micheal Bane.

Get your T-Shirts!

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Sean has made up a T-Shirt in homage to the Fast and Furious scandal.
I’m already in. Get them while they are hot!

Warming to concealed carry

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BorePatch has a story up about his second carry experience. As a followon, Weer’d Beard put up a guide to easing into concealed carry.

When I first started carrying, I too was a little anxious about putting a live round under the chamber. I carried for a few weeks, off and on, and I didn’t chamber a round until I was really comfortable. I think this is a two-fold reaction. First, there is the concern about accidental discharge. But there is a second psychology of “I’m really doing this” that takes some getting used to.

Weer’d does an excellent job of laying out a good process. I’ll only add a few things.

  1. +1 on the holster and belt. Your belt should be a specially made gun belt, and your holster should be made for your gun. $15 gun show specials don’t count here. A good quality belt and holster cost about $100-$150 or so. I’ve heard good things about Dragon Leatherworks. If you tend to Kydex and Nylon, I can’t recommend the Blade-Tech SRB and The Wilderness Instructor Belt enough.
  2. If you are worried about carrying cocked and locked, try this.  UNLOAD your 1911.  Cock the hammer.  Place the gun in your holster.  Put the gun and holster in a few pillowcases.  Place the package in your dryer.  Run the dryer for 5-10 mins (preferably on the air only setting).  Open the pillowcases.  Note the hammer is still cocked, and the safety is still on.  If that treatment didn’t render the gun unsafe, nothing you are going to do in your daily movements is going to knock the safety off, either.

Stay safe, folks.  And carry your guns.  Remember the words of the world’s most dangerous librarian:

“Carry your gun – it’s a lighter burden than regret.”

Am I reading this right?

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One of the things that bothered me about “Fast and Furious” is that I couldn’t figure out what the cover up was. After all, we already knew that ATF was letting guns walk. Why stonewall?

I think we have found out. From Rep. Issa’s letter to the DoJ:

…Mr. Melson’s responses tended to corroborate what others had
said. Specifically, we have very real indications from several sources that some of the
gun trafficking “higher-ups” that the ATF sought to identify were already known to
other agencies and may even have been paid as informants.

And later:

The evidence we have gathered raises the disturbing possibility that the Justice
Department not only allowed criminals to smuggle weapons but that taxpayer dollars
from other agencies may have financed those engaging in such activities.

If I’m reading this right, it looks like ATF may have had to provide their own smugglers. If that’s true, then it blows the “we were trying to get the bigger fish” to smithereens.