TigerSwan final evaluation

October 30, 2011 by
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In the run-up to our TigerSwan class, I posted a list of things that I thought a shooting school should feature.  Here is my final report card for TigerSwan:

  • An appropriate understanding of the mission.  Grade: A.  TigerSwan teaches “two well placed shots on in an assailant.”  This is perfectly appropriate for the armed citizen.
  • A doctrine that is focused on meeting the needs of the shooter. Grade: A.  We got top notch instruction at the level we were at, and appropriate encouragement.
  • A focus on the fundamentals.  A+.  “Simplicity in the basics” is a perfect description of this.
  • Drills that you can use.  A.  We got a set of drills that we could use at home, on any range, and a way to improve them as our skills progressed.
  • At the right time, a focus on force-on-force. Grade: N/A.  I’d expect to see this in a tactical class, but it is a bit much to expect for a one-day class.
  • Finally, and this should go without saying, safety, safety, safety.  Grade: A.  Great emphasis on safety.

Final grade: A.  Get thee to TigerSwan.  Top notch instruction at a great price.


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