What a day!

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My TigerSwan updates will be over a few days…I dreamed about the class last night and that’s a pretty good indication to me that my brain is still percolating.

Quick thoughts:

I got to meet some great folks.  Sean has been promoted from “Gunnies” to “Gunnies I’ve met” in the olde blogroll.  And I’ve gotten to add John R. from f No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, Larry from Last Refuge of a Scoundrel, Rich from Knitebane Manor,  and Paul from Arms are the Mark of a Free Man to that elite group. :)

I’ve had one key takeaway from each shooting class that I have taken.  Gunsite 250 taught me that I was able to be competent with my defensive gun.  Gunsite 350 taught me that tactics  were just as important as the shooting.  TigerSwan taught me that it is impossible to miss if you do things right.  Likewise, it is impossible to hit if you do things wrong.

I’m working on a full review, but in one sentence it would be: “Get your ass to TigerSwan!”  In some ways, I learned more in one day at TigerSwan than I did in a week at Gunsite.  I’ll definitely be back.

Thanks to Sean for setting this up, thanks for Brian and Paul for world-class instruction,  and thanks to my fellow students for a great day of shooting!


2 Comments on What a day!

  1. Larry on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 5:10 pm
  2. It was good to meet you too George.

    Same time next year?

  3. George on Wed, 26th Oct 2011 5:43 pm
  4. Sounds like a plan!

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