A modest proposal

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Ed Morrissey points out that income inequality prevents equal access to firearms:

Now that the Roberts Court has affirmed that the government has the power to mandate purchases of private goods and services as long as it’s structured as a tax, I propose that we put this new-found authority in the service of an explicit Constitutional right.  For far too long, too many Americans have suffered from an inequal distribution of firearms, despite the Second Amendment’s express exhortation to “keep and bear arms,” in large part because income inequality in this nation has kept the poor and working classes from having the proper protection for themselves and their loved ones.  We need to end this disparity now by applying the ObamaCare model immediately.

RTWT. Is it bad if I can’t tell if this is satire?

Move HB 111 now!

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GRNC says that the Senate Republicans are trying to bury HB 111.  Seems they are scared of being accused of supporting “guns in bars.”  Sean has more.

Of course, this bill might have kept Danielle Watson from being murdered at the Flying Biscuit Cafe, just a few blocks from my daughters’ school.

Do please call your senators and ask them to move this along.

Time to move HB 111

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Sean and John both have links on how you can help move HB 111 along. HB 111 will fix NC’s broken restaurant carry laws.  You know what to do.


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My entire universe has gone meta.

Where the hell have you been?

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I’ve been a bad blogger. Where have I been? Working!

Work has been a bear for the last six months or so. I’ve been home for about three of the last 20 weeks or so. The rest of the time has been on the road.

The good news? I’m getting a major promotion, and we are reorganizing the business in the way that I think we should. Which is good.

More free ice cream soon, I promise.