“Bulk Ammo” up as search term

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From Zero Hedge.

Not so surprising

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Dave Hardy has a post confirming what I thought to be true: even as far back as 1978, the vast and overwhelming majority of people believed that the Second Amendment gives you a right to keep and bear arms.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t ask the right question.  The phrase isn’t specific enough.  When MAIG can say they “support the second amendment” something is broken.  It’s lost all its meaning.

A more interesting survey would break it out.  For example:

  • “Do you believe that the Second Amendment gives you a right own a gun?
  • “…any gun?”
  • “…as many as you like?”
  • “…in your home?”
  • “…to carry in public?”
  • “…with/without a government permit?”

It would be interesting to see where the broader public draws the lines.

Help a sister out

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Tam, proprietress of View from the Porch and gunnie blogosphere royalty, has gotten some bad heath news lately.  Worse still, she doesn’t have any health insurance.

Now, throwing Tam a few bucks to help her out in this difficult time would have been a great thing to do on its face, but OldNFO, Michael, and the Nerds are appealing to your sense of greed!  If you have a few bucks you can spare (hard these days, I know) this would be going to a good cause.