What a week!

April 19, 2013 by
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Man, what a week. I spent most of it on business travel, and so didn’t really have any time to blog.  So, some quick hits in lieu of content:

  • Gun control goes down in the Senate.  Kay Hagan sells out NC gun owners.  Guess now we know what she thinks “reasonable restrictions” are.  We won’t forget, Kay.  I hope one of the things you got to talk about on that boat was your retirement options.
  • Barry throws a temper tantrum.  Politico runs articles on what a drag it is to be president when you can’t dictate.  Boo hoo.
  • Bomb goes off in Boston.  Media beclowns themselves with their “reporting.”  Same stuff, different day.
  • It amazes me how quickly people are wiling to give up their rights.  On Tuesday, I heard an earnest conversation on the news about whether or not we would have to mirandize a “terrorist.”  News flash: terrorists on domestic soil are criminals, and we treat them as such.
  • This morning, I read that the police have killed one suspect and are chasing another.  They are searching door to door in Watertown.  As a test, I asked the kid: “Honey, what would you do if the police came and wanted to search the house?”  Without missing a beat she said: “I’d ask if they had a warrant.”  That’s my good girl!


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  1. Dod on Fri, 19th Apr 2013 9:27 am
  2. What a week indeed. Newbie-daughter has learned well…. :-)

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