About Newbie Shooter

Hi!  I started this site to be a resource for new shooters.  I wanted to have a place that new shooters could come and ask questions and get answers.  When I was getting started, I often felt silly becasue I didn’t know much about shooting.  I wanted to have a place where other newbies could go and not feel like a n00b.

About me…I am a (relatively) normal guy in my 30’s. I work for a Fortune-50 company as a computer geek.  I have a wife and a young daughter.  I’ve never gone hunting, don’t own a pickup, and am about the farthest thing that the media would have you believe a gun owner is.

My standing offer to the world at large: if you are in the Charlotte, NC area, and would like to give shooting a try, email me (newbie at newbieshooter dot com).  I will supply the guns, ammo and targets and pay the range fee.  All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind.