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Via Weerd, I found McThag’s post here.  He’s a good man who is tired and frustrated at the fight.  Go read his post.  I’ll wait.

I’m going to “Fisk” his post, not because I disagree with him….he’s right in most of the points he has made.  But like McThag, I got on this rodeo a long time ago, as a young man.  And it’s easy to get discouraged.  We fight the same fights, over and over, with the same tropes, over and over, and honestly it gets tedious.  But to look at where we are today, from 1994, and to not be shocked speechless at the progress we have made is to not know where we came from.

McThag, brother, I know you know this, but let me remind you:

Since I started paying attention in late 1992 the AWB was enacted, expired and wasn’t renewed.  Net no change.

Except that that action cost those who voted for it their jobs, likely cost Al Gore the presidency, and made me, Sebastian, and a whole host of others gun activists.  This legislation made me who I am today.  I’ve brought at least a hundred new shooters to the party, if nothing else.  On balance, epic fail.

Importation of evol guns has been banned by executive order, no movement to change that by law.  Some of those bans predate 1992…

Importation of ammo has been banned by executive order.

Yep, it’s bullshit.  No argument.

We got the protection of commerce act in the plus category.

Agreed.  But put on your 1999 hat, with Andrew Cuomo talking about suing gun makers out of existence.  And that being a credible threat.  This is nothing short of amazing.  This threat is dead.

NFA wait times went from over a year to a month or so to nearly a year again.

Yes, because there a many many times the number of folks trying to buy NFA items!  Not a 10% increase, but a 200% increase.  Yes, the feds should keep up, and it’s BS to begin with, but this is nothing but win!

FOPA, which was a huge plus in 1986 (except for one thing) has been circumvented in the places where it’s needed most (but that’s at the state level really).

Only in a few places.  And we are making strides judicially.  And on that note, there is a general understanding that we have an individual second amendment right.  A fair court (and not all are) recognizes that.

More than twenty years I’ve been active at this and I’m tired and bored.

Welcome, sir, to my universe.  To be honest, what keeps me going is that my whip smart daughter loves to shoot.  My life’s goal, to be honest, is that she will be able to go to college with a firearm of her choice, that she can carry in the manner of her choice, or not at all.  If I can do that, then I will believe that I’ve done something here.  All in all, not a bad legacy.

On this, I’ve got nothing for you.  All I can tell you is we need you, and to ask you to continue to fight.

I’m sick of the best we can get being not anti-gun from the Republicans.

I hear ya, but I’ve come to believe that “I’m sick of these idiots, we need a better set of idiots” is a loosing proposition.  Democrat, Republican…two sides of the same coin.  I’ll take what I can get.  We’re winning in the courts.

I’m sick of the best we can get from the Democrats is not actively promoting gun control; because they will vote as they’re told when the rubber meets the road.

See above. :)

I’m sick of the progress being reset because a whacko shoots someone.

I’ve got to call BS on this one.  What have we lost?  We faced the battle of our lives last year after Newtown.  We had some setbacks in CO and NY and CT.  But all in all…consider the situation.  The anti’s had children killed with “assault weapons.”  Wayne LaPierre made the official statement from the NRA and made an ass of himself.  It was a cherry picked, perfect storm event.  The banners should be on the rampage.  Instead, the folks who voted for the bans in CO have lost their seats, and the authorities in NY and CT are facing massive non-compliance.  Not 5% mind you, but like 85%.  What have we lost?

I’m sick of the lopsided media.

This is one of those “I’ve got nothing” categories.  They hate you.  They hate your freedom, and your viewpoint, and your lifestyle.  The quicker you come to terms with that, the quicker we can move forward.  (This is one of the reasons I don’t understand Texas Open Carry.  TOC:”They don’t acknowledge the good we do!”  ME: “Duh!”

I’m sick of our side panicking about something happening that’s really machts nichts but lets the people who hate us feel better about hating us briefly.  It doesn’t change that they hate us.

Yep.  Hear ya.  They hate us.  They always will.  Let them hate.  Ignore the stupid, fight the effective.

I am mostly happy at the state level, but I am getting sick of the predictable opposition of law enforcement organizations and an attitude of, “you’ve got x why do you need y”.

Let me stipulate that “because I wanna” is a perfectly acceptable reason for everything from “I want to carry my rifle” to “I want to have a tank.” If you have the scratch, then God bless you.  It’s folly to look to the police to support this.

I am sick of “BECAUSE LIBERTY” not being an acceptable reason; because at the heart it’s the ONLY reason.

Again, “Because I wanna” should be all you need. :)

I am sick of the military being used as police overseas and the local police acting like soldiers.

Again, I’ve got nothing here.

I feel like we’re not getting anywhere lately and it’s really bothersome.

Here are some things to cheer you up:

  • California (pending lawsuits) is a shall issue state.  (Now if that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.
  • The District of Columbia is a shall issue state.
  • The Supreme Court has recognized the individual right to keep and bear arms, and has ruled that that right is incorporated against the states.
  • The number of shooters has never been greater
  • We have great guardians like McThag and Weerd, who won’t let our rights disappear. :)

A little bleary eyed

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Really tired this morning. I stayed up to watch the recall in Colorado. Way to go, guys. Hopefully the message has been sent: If you ignore your constituents and ally yourself with nanny state fascists (I’m looking at you, Bloomberg) then your butt gets sent home.

Carpetbaggers go home!

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Sean does a masterful job of welcoming Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. He asks a pretty simple question: if you are interested in dialog with gun owners, then why are you hiding from the gun owners?

Thanks to all the GRNC guys who made it to the protest.

How we win…

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…or “Major Kudos to a Fellow Gunnie”

I’ve known Sean Sorrentino from NC Gun Blog for a few years now. This most recent report from behind enemy lines does not surprise me.
Sean has consistently been on the front lines here in NC. He does the unglamorous, boring, and absolutely necessary work. His simply showing up, on a week night, to provide a counterweight to the MAIG vigil, a point of view that otherwise would not have gotten out. On GRNC rally day, Sean spent most of the morning teaching other people how to lobby. He presents a thoughtful, intelligent, reasonable perspective on gun rights.

Kudos, brother. I’m glad you are on our side.

Interesting theory

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“Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in dispute”

An AP article examining some of the history of Nazi gun control. The article itself is fairly balanced, but there are some wacky quotes. Like this:

Paulsson said it is possible that if Polish Jews had limited their resistance, Nazi troops might not have destroyed the ghetto, allowing more to survive in hiding or escape. When armed Jews shot at mobs or troops at other times in 1930s and 1940s Poland, it incited more vicious counter-attacks, he said.

Right…because we saw how well non-resistance worked in the rest of Europe.

Assault Weapons ban is dead

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Good news. Now let’s kill the registration bill.

The fight for all the marbles

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Michael Bane has the latest update from Colorado.

Folks, the fight in Colorado is the fight for all the marbles.  If we are successful in turning back the ban there, then I believe that the worst is over.  Bloomberg, who is evil as Satan, but no dummy, chose Colorado for his offensive very carefully.  In many ways, it was the ideal state for a ban: a largely blue state where a highly publicized act of mass murder took place.  If they can pass a ban in a state that is historically fairly gun friendly, then it sends a message to the rest of the country: gun control is no longer the political third rail that everyone assumes.  If we can stop them, then they will have taken their best shot and it will have failed.  The whole issue goes away, again.

Our friends in Colorado have done a great job stalling the bill and sending the message that passing a ban is not without consequence.  Magpul, as everyone knows by now, has said that they will leave Colorado if the ban passes.  Micheal has said that he will stop producing his shows in Colorado if the ban passes.

If you are not in Colorado, there is still something that you can do.  Hunting is a $1.5 billion business in Colorado.  Make sure that legislators in Colorado know if they pass this bill, you will take your hunting dollars elsewhere.

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Lucia Guzman (Chair)

Senator Jessie Ulibarri (Vice Chair)

Senator Irene Aguilar

Senator Steve King

Senator Kevin Lundberg

Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee:

Senator Angela Giron (Chair)

Senator Matt Jones (Vice-Chair)

Senator Ted Harvey

Senator Evie Hudak

Senator Larry Crowder

Bay area police: Take out active shooters!

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Story here.

Law enforcement agencies have begun adopting a new policy on so-called “active shooters,” encouraging civilians to take safety into their own hands and take down gunmen who threaten them at work or school.

So we have finally realized that the tactics have to change. Great! Now isn’t the next logical step ensuring that the people have the tools to do what you have asked them to do?

And the list keeps growing

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Sean has updated the New York Boycott list. Go take a look.

Ah ha!

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So that’s who they are at war with!

h/t Robb

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